1. Used Plastics Granulator/Grinder 25cm

Used Grinder 25cm Product ID: KI25124

  • German made
  • Knife opening 25 cm
  • With screw knives
  • 5 HP
  1. Used Granulator/Grinder for Plastics 35cm

Used Plastic Grinder 25cm Product ID: KI35124

  • Greek made
  • Knife opening 35 cm
  • With screw knives
  • It has 2 sets of knives where one set is unused
  • 10 HP
Μύλοι Σπαστήρες Πλαστικών

What is the difference between a plastics shredder and a plastics granulator?

Plastics shredders and plastics granulators are both used in the recycling industry to process plastic materials, but they serve different purposes and utilize different techniques. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between them:

  1. Function:
    • Plastics Shredder: A plastics shredder is primarily used to reduce the size of large plastic objects or materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. It breaks down plastic items into smaller fragments or shreds.
    • Plastics Granulator: A plastics granulator, on the other hand, is used to further process the shredded plastic material by turning it into uniform granules or pellets. It transforms the shredded plastic into small, consistent particles suitable for various manufacturing processes.
  2. Particle Size:
    • Plastics Shredder: The output of a shredder consists of irregularly shaped pieces or shreds of plastic material. The particle size can vary depending on the shredder’s design and settings but is generally larger compared to granulated plastic.
    • Plastics Granulator: Granulators produce uniformly sized granules or pellets of plastic material. These granules have a consistent shape and size, making them ideal for melting and molding processes in manufacturing.
  3. Applications:
    • Plastics Shredder: Shredded plastic materials are often used in applications where specific particle size or shape is not critical. For example, shredded plastic can be used as feedstock for further processing in granulators or in applications such as landfill cover, insulation, or certain types of composite materials.
    • Plastics Granulator: Granulated plastic materials are commonly used as raw material in plastic manufacturing processes. These granules can be melted and molded into new plastic products through processes like injection molding, extrusion, or blow molding.
  4. Processing Technique:
    • Plastics Shredder: Shredding involves mechanically cutting or tearing plastic materials into smaller pieces using rotating blades or other cutting mechanisms. The focus is on reducing the size of the material.
    • Plastics Granulator: Granulation involves additional processing steps after shredding. The shredded plastic material is further processed through a granulating machine, where it undergoes size reduction and shaping into uniform granules or pellets.

In summary, while both plastics shredders and plastics granulators are used in plastic recycling, they serve different functions and produce different types of output. Shredders reduce large plastic materials into smaller pieces, while granulators further process the shredded material into uniform granules suitable for manufacturing applications.

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